Welcome to Truburger

TRUBURGER presents a new and refreshing line up of specialty gourmet burgers made with all-natural beef, fresh bread and locally sourced ingredients. We have a full menu filled with standout burgers, unique home-made sauces, salads, fries, beers, shakes and specials. With a rich atmosphere, quality food and friendly staff, TRUBURGER is the definitive modern burger restaurant and is fast turning into the go-to place for burgers in New York.


Burgers - The way nature intended.

At TRUBURGER, no burger is just a burger. We are very particular about the ingredients that go into making our signature burgers. All of our Burgers are Free-Range Humanely Raised, Pasture Raised, Antibiotic, Hormone & Gluten Free. Our all-natural burgers are crafted with the finest natural beef - pasture raised, without hormones, fillers or antibiotics. The buns are made fresh daily and ingredients are sourced from local farmers markets.